Intelligent Teas

Sun, 27 December 2015

We are delighted to be stocking Intelligent Teas from Wild Irish Foods using plants and herbs that are native to Ireland. These are all caffeine free brews with health promoting properties.

DIGEST: Lead herb, Meadowsweet, tastes delicious with beautiful honey aromas. This infusion is jammers with well- respected digestives Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Fennel and Chamomile, Meadowseet unites flavours adding a fragrance of sweet almond.

DETOX: Nettles dominates with its peppery bite, combined with Cleavers, milk thistle and horsetail add subtle essences of boggy perfumed tones and marigold adds sharpness resembling saffron! This blend is a very likeable cuppa and a good detox.

CHILLAX: The ultimate calming and relaxing blend. Sweetness of chamomolie on the palate is nicely counteracted by Hops. Vervain and lemon balm add their brightness and citrusy mood while the oat straw adds a great soothing herb in the mix. This gets the thumbs up everytime.

VITAL: This brew is designed for supporting heart and kidney health. Hawthorn, the great heart tonic is refreshing and tangy in flavour. Elderflower nuances appear with the earthy grassy sweetness of red clover, dandelion and heather to make this lovely herb infusion.

LOVE: Hawthorn, the great rejuvenating heart tonic, Nettle, the all rounder and Rose, the beloved heart medicine and blossom of love. The refreshing taste of Hawthorn, peppery nettle and soothing aromas of rose mingle nicely with the Witch Hazel and Cleavers, for a lovely hearty brew.

BUZZ: The taste profile of predominately earthy, peppery nettle, blended with elderberries, dandelion and hawthorn. Rose lifts the mood to give a perfumed finish. This brew is helpful in promoting energy and providing a lift for the senses to regenerate body and mind.