Pan-fried duck, pickled beets and bulgur wheat

  • Time: 35 mins
  • Level:
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Ready In: 55 mins


  • 4 Duck breasts
  • 600 g Raw bulgur wheat
  • 1 punnet Blackberries
  • 400 g Mixed beetroot
  • 400 ml Water
  • 100 ml Olive oil
  • 50 ml White wine vinegar
  • 50 ml White wine
  • 10 g Coriander seeds
  • 2 Star anise
  • 1 sprig Tarragon
  • 1 Bay leaf

  1. Starting with the pickle, add the water, olive oil, white wine vinegar, white wine, coriander seeds, star anise, tarragon and bay leaf to a heavy base pot and bring to the boil. Once on a rolling boil, bring to a simmer.
  2. Peel the beetroot and cut into uniform pieces so they cook at the same time.
  3. Add the sliced beetroot to the pickle and cook until soft.
  4. In a separate pot add some water and bring to the boil, this is for the bulgur wheat. Once boiling, add the bulgur and cook for five minutes. Once cooked drain off the water and leave to one side.
  5. In a heavy based frying pan with no oil place the duck breasts skin-side down and cook till the skin is starting to brown and render. Turn over for one minute to give the other side a seal then back again skin-side down and place into an oven for 9 minutes at 180 degrees. Take out of the oven once cooked and allow the meat to rest.
  6. In a separate saucepan add a little of the pickle juice, a dash of honey and some crushed blackberries to make a blackberry gastrique which will act as a sauce for the main dish.
  7. Once the beetroot is cooked and all the other ingredients are ready, slice the duck, drain off any excess liquid from the beetroot, place the bulgur on the plate, build with the rest of the garnish i.e. the beetroot and then the duck and finish with the blackberry gastrique and serve.
  8. TIPS: Keep all the beetroot the same size when cutting as this will help for an even cooking time. When prepping the duck give the skin a few scores with a sharp knife, once cooking this will help to render the skin. When cooking duck breasts always place them into a hot dry (free from oil) pan as once the duck breasts start to render the fat melts and there will be a lot of excess fat in the pan.