The Butlers Pantry

Fri, 29 November 2013

Founded by Eileen Bergin in 1987 , The Butlers Pantry’s reputation has grown very quickly as the place to go for really tasty ‘home style’ food.Their commitment to premium quality natural food has grown and intensified as the business has developed and expanded. All of their dishes are made using only fresh ingredients and without any artificial additives preservatives. Having only opened in May last year, The Butlers Pantry store in Castleknock Village has proven to be the embodiment of this commitment to purity and quality. “Our Buisness model is quite unquie” says Eoin Warner, Director of Retail. “We produce and sell all our own handcrafted food. It is produced in our kitchens  as you would at home and so it has a short shelf life. This is a challenge; however , we see it as a main point of difference from our competitors who use gas flushing and shelf life enhances to give their food a longer life”.

This is nomination is seen by Eoin as vindication of not only the hard work that all the team have been doing but also their methods of producing food.

“This nomination has been earned by not only the members of our team working in Castleknock but also our bakers, chefs, drivers, kitchen assistants, operations and support staff. Without all the cogs on this hand crafted  wheel turning, it would not be the success it is”.