Glenarm organic smoked salmon

It’s not only exclusive – It’s ELUSIVE

Luxury has always been about stories; stories of heritage, stories of desire and stories of beauty. We want to share with you the story of a unique location, an amazing habitat off the shores of Ireland that yields the fish that go to produce, what we believe to be, the best smoked salmon in the world.

At Glenarm we nurture and naturally farm a supreme product that is completely unrivalled. Our experts, shepherds of the sea, have a passion about their stewardship that flows through to the quality of our products. As guardians of this precious produce we make time and space every day for the creation and understanding of the delicate nuances of this luxurious offering. Our knowledge and research has set us on a quest to bring the best product nature can provide. Our work is rewarded with a rare authentic experience for our customers – Beautiful smoked salmon seasoned by the sea.

Who are we?

Glenarm Organic Salmon Ltd is the only salmon producer in the Irish Sea; a small local business yet we supply fresh and smoked salmon to customers across the globe. The Company is based in the ancient historic village of Glenarm in County Antrim, Northern Ireland only 40 miles along the beautiful Antrim coast from the world renowned Giant’s Causeway.

Glenarm Organic Salmon Ltd is at the forefront of developments in sustainable salmon rearing and as a result we produce our fish to the very highest welfare and environmental standards. This ensures the finest salmon and salmon products for our customers and we are recognized the world over for our consistently high quality. Fish destined for smoking are produced in the crystal clear waters of the Irish Sea in Glenarm Bay and Red Bay off the Antrim Coast and are processed to individual customer requirements. We can guarantee full traceability of each our salmon from the day it is processed right back to where and when it was hatched and we are accredited by the Organic Food Federation and Bio Suisse as organic salmon producers. We are the only suppliers of Glenarm Organic Smoked Salmon.

Our Unique curing and Smoking Process

Glenarm Organic Salmon’s expertly crafted and bespoke curing process consistently delivers uncompromising quality, a creamy texture and an incomparable natural taste, which offers an eating experience second to none. We smoke our salmon sides in a small local smoke-house, over smouldering oak and beech wood chips, using our unique 100-year old traditional recipe and applying time honoured smoking methods. The smoked
salmon is then rested before packing to produce a delicate yet complex flavour. Each salmon is first hand filleted to ensure the finest cuts and to reflect our respect for the king of fish. Then, after smoking, each side is hand trimmed and sliced resulting in succulent prime smoked salmon slices with a fragrant yet subtle smoky oak and beech wood outer layer which gives a distinct and sophisticated flavour on the palate.

What makes our Smoked Salmon Different?

(i) Provenance – We produce our fish in the vigorous and pristine waters of the Irish Sea and our salmon are reared free from chemicals and medicines at all stages of production. We believe our rearing processes produce salmon that are a real and sustainable alternative to wild salmon. Fish for smoking are hand selected, to individual customer orders, from the weekly harvest and packed separately from the other salmon destined for processing as fresh product.

(ii) Quality – We only use Glenarm Organic Salmon to produce our superb Glenarm Organic Smoked Salmon and our production processes ensure consistent high quality products, something for which we are recognised the world over.

(iii) Taste – Unlike most salmon smokers our rearing and smoking processes are vertically integrated. We have full control at all stages of these processes and the combination of our superb Glenarm Organic Salmon and our unparalleled curing and smoking process results in a product with an unrivalled flavour, taste and texture.