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Make the perfect coffee at home

Thanks to McCabe’s Coffee for this guide to the French Press, Moka Pot, Aeropress and a general pour-over method for brewing at home. For these techniques you’ll need a scales and timer. We would also highly recommend using a grinder for better results. THE FRENCH PRESS METHOD (for this method we recommend using 55g of…

Abernethy Butter

We are proud to support Irish artisan producers, and Abernethy butter is no exception! Made in the beautiful hills of Co. Down, this butter is made in the traditional way. This unforgettable taste and flavour is miles away from the mass produced butters so often seen in large supermarkets!

In Season Ingredients!

Irish ingredients in season this Autumn; beetroot, pears, and barley! Watch out for these mouthwatering foods in our new autumn meals and salads! In season ingredients lead to the best tasting recipes! #thebutlerspantry

We are Hiring!

Students! Returning to College? We have part-time work for you now! Parents of Students returning to college! Family friendly full and part-time hours available! Don’t miss out – Apply now by sending your CV and cover letter to roisin@thebutlerspantry.ie!

What’s in Season?

As we all know ingredients taste their best when in season. With the help of our local farmers and producers we can ensure our ingredients are local and in season. October is no exception so watch out for beetroot, kale and spinach, all in season right now and featured in a number of our dishes…