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Blackberries are in Season!

The taste of this dark super fruit brings childhood memories flooding back of berry picking in the countryside. Do we remember the treasure hunt to find the best berries before the birds snatched them up? Well we are here to share the good news, Blackberries are in season and it is that time of year…

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Introducing our Apple Tart!

Our apples are lovingly hand peeled and hand sliced, creating a homemade apple tart that melts in your mouth. Nothing says tradition better that an apple tart, this is why we have taken the time to recreate our tart to be the best it can be. Our new and improved version brings you more delicious…


Niall’s Best Dressed Salads

Our gorgeous range of healthy and delicious ‘best dressed’ salads are now on our shelves. Bursting with fresh, local ingredients including Roasted Beetroot, Spinach Leaves, Spelt and Feta to name but a few, our salad range is ideal for the customer who is looking for a healthy lunch on the go


Impress your BBQ guests this summer with Plank Cooking

‘Teach a man how to barbecue and you will be fed for the summer’. A truer word has never been spoken and our Cedar Planks are just what every barbecue needs to ensure a beautiful smokey flavour on all meats throughout the summer season. Our marinated chicken breasts, burgers and delicious Garlic & Herb sausages…

John Hempenstall's Wocklow Buttermilk

Best Buttermilk in town!!

Like us, our suppliers are true Artisans. Our brown breads are made using natural Buttermilk from Curranstown, Co.Wicklow, delivered fresh every day by John Hempenstall. John has been supplying The Butler’s Pantry for 27 years….that’s an awful lot of Buttermilk!!