New Veg is in Season!

We are excited to get picking! Autumn Menu coming soon with loads of veg delights!

Our NEW Apple Tart has Arrived!

Our apples are lovingly hand peeled and hand sliced, creating a homemade apple tart that melts in your mouth. Nothing says tradition better that an apple tart, this is why we have taken the time to recreate our tart to be the best it can be. Our new and improved version brings you more delicious apples wrapped in our sweet hand made shortcrust pastry. Do not be alarmed if your apples are caramelized as you cut into your tart as we take pride that this is the natural process in which fresh apples mature. All of our delicious cakes are make by hand and contain only natural ingredients bringing you homemade delights without the hard work. It is available in all ten shops for €9.25. Hope you love it as much as we do!

Don't Compromise on Lunch

Never skip a meal :) With our NEW Lunch menu you won't be able to resist